Chicago Inc. - Gears, Code and Blood

Ransom Note Signature

Following the fight at the Factory Nightclub, Tankyo, Se7en and Careen returned to Tankyo’s apartment. Tankyo’s home cyberdeck had completed analyzing the log files left over after a data bomb had destroyed the simsense ransom note. After some well-rolled crunching of data, Tankyo was able to uncover 2 encryption patterns – a pattern which gives an indication of the toolset used to code the chip and therefore provide a clue as to who may have been the author. One occurred in files where it would be easy to see – a second much better hidden, indicating that the first may have been a red herring.

Tankyo was able to run these patterns against Data Stores on the Matrix and produce a shortlist of deckers that handled similar files

Careen’s familiarity with Chicago’s illegal drug market let him identify a few production studios that recorded and produced the darker types of simsense and BTLs. Crossing Tankyo’s suspect decker list against these studios suggested that the highest probability studio was SimSnuff, a new crew in town.

Following a wicked loadout montage, our crew travelled to the edge of the old loop (pre-gentrified) to an old movie theater which served as SimSnuff’s production studios. Careen sent drones to scout the area while Se7en accessed the roof by climbing the neighboring building and jumping the alley. Tankyo provided Overwatch support by unlocking doors and providing the team with floor plans. Se7en entered top floor of the building through the rooftop entrance.

Finally one of Careen’s drones was spotted peering into what appeared to be the corner office. The orc-ish suit-type notified security which kicked into high alert around the building. While Careens drones laid down covering fire outside to provide a diversion, Se7en tricked some guards into a stairwell – which Tankyo promptly locked. Se7en confronted the orc
just outside his office and pressed him for information on Lady Monarch. He was legitimately confused. A greasy elven decker type ran into the room from the opposite office and upon seeing Se7en ran back out again.

Se7en gave chase. Once alone with the Elf, Skunkworks, he began pleading for rescue after initially mistaking this for an anticipated kidnapping/transfer-to-a-new-job. With guards bearing down on their position, Se7en blasted out the window just as Careen’s roto-drone arrived outside. Se7en made an almost-awesome grapple-gun escape but tweaker her ankle on landing and then ran off to her motorcycle.

Meanwhile Tankyo sleazed his way around the building host and discovered a cache of paydata.

Skunkworks grabbed onto the roto-drone which was to carry him away. But alas, under heavy fire from guards outside and enemy drones, Careen’s roto-drone was shot out of the sky and Skunkworks dropped to the alley below breaking both of his legs. Guards began gathering him up.

With one drone down, Careen fired up his SUV, activated his Lynx who rode with its head out the window spraying hot death on the guards and enemy drones. Se7en retuned with her Mirage, sped passed the SUV and threw a smoke grenade onto Skunkwork’s location. She flew into the cloud, and using her thermo-goggles reached down to grab Skunkworks and flung him over the back of her bike – earning his undying love. She was greeted on the other side of the cloud by a hail of bullets from a clot of Mooks at the other end of the alley. Though not fatal – that shit hurt. She was able to continue on passed them.

Careen blew through the alley as well, plowing over the mook clot. The group returned safely home.

Once back at Tankyo’s apartment, they interrogated Skunkworks who also had no clue about Lady Monarch but identified the red herring encryption pattern as his. As it had become clear someone is trying to set him up, Skunkworks has agreed to track down the second pattern.

The paydata turned out to be the entire library of SimSnuff’s recording masters – the source material used for the most degrading and violent SimSense and BTL chips.

Daily Retainer: $1,500 (2,000 minus the $500 ‘Brock-tax’)

Then either:
A – you destroy the SimSnuff library = 8 Karma each

B – you sell the SimSnuff library = 5 Karma each + $4,000ea



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