Chicago Inc. - Gears, Code and Blood

Top Floor: Corp-brats, data storage and prostheses

The ‘rescued’ decker, Skunkworks provided further analysis into the log files left over from the data bombed simsense ransom note and was able to discern that:

  • his signature was likely planted by someone fluent in the hardware associated with the recording of simsense experiences (not so much the software coding)
  • the dermal sensors used to record the emotions and sensations of the person who the simsense user would be jumping into were of far higher quality that what is usually found on the streets. This indicates a biotech/medical engineering origin. Shiawase and Saeder Krupp are the main players i those markets in Chicago

Skunkworks found it doubtful that that Saeder Krupp would have tried to implicate him as they were attempting to hire him. His contact/recruiter, a man called ‘The Wasp’ – who had been making a bit of business throwing hyper-exclusive parties and providing the drugs was looking to get into BTL/Simsense production. Further questioning revealed that this “Wasp” was none other than Cory Hockmeyer – the frequent contact of Lady Monarch and co-owner of the luxury condo in the new North Loop.

Some research uncovered that the Wasp had also been notably not present on the club scene for a few days.

Brock Hammer, Ketna and Tankyo decided to investigate the condo. Posing as new S-K security for the Wasp, Brock conned his way past the guards at the font door and spoke to reception. Ketna walked around back to the service entrance. Tankyo re-routed the receptionist’s phone to his own phone and, posing as the Wasp, gained Brock entrance to the penthouse condo elevators.

Ketna set some light explosives to blow the service entrance door and waited for a guard spotted by Tankyo’s overwatch to get within the blast range.

Meanwhile Brock arrived on the top floor to find 2 guards stationed. He managed to convince the guards that the he was indeed new security, and following a hacking fail to open the condo’s front door was provided access by the newly fooled guard.

Ketna blew the back door and dispatched the guard stationed. An unsuccessful hack on the service elevator and a failed attempted at intimidation resulted in the untimely demise of an unfortunate room service employee (whose comlink did provide access to the elevator.)

The condo was actually more set up as a workspace than a lover’s den. Brock searched the condo and found a data module for a cyberdeck (think hard drive) as well as a prothesis-model cyberarm. Tankyo, (who accompanied in VR) knew this to be Lady Monarch’s. Around this time Brock saw a glint in the window of the building opposite the condo highrise and dove behind a kitchen island just as 2 high-caliber sniper rifles blasted out the windows and blew massive chunks out of said kitchen island.

Also at this point, Tankyo, who unbeknownst to him, had accumulated a mark on his deck from the building’s formidable host – was greeted by a nasty bit of IC in the form of a black widow. Though he was able to resist one round and brick one of the sniper rifles – he was hit hard by a Blaster IC which did a number on his cyberdeck, stunned the hell out of him and link-locked him in VR o the building’s host. He unfortunately had to Jack out, dumpshocked in the car.

About this time Ketna arrived at the top floor and managed to dispatch both guards just as Brock hauled ass out of the condo and back towards the elevator. Security stopped the elevator on the fourth floor where a shoot-out ensued – or whatever you call a shootout where grenades and whips are involved. They were able to escape the building taking the stairs the rest of the way – with Brock taking some bullets on his way out.

Once back at Tankyo’s apartment they examined the data module to find transaction records of both Lady Monarch’s and Wasp’s VIP parties documenting formidable entrance fees and the purchase and sale of a variety of drugs – BTLs being the dominant commodity.

It would appear that the corp-brats were in business.

Daily retainer: $1,500
Karma: 5

Ransom Note Signature

Following the fight at the Factory Nightclub, Tankyo, Se7en and Careen returned to Tankyo’s apartment. Tankyo’s home cyberdeck had completed analyzing the log files left over after a data bomb had destroyed the simsense ransom note. After some well-rolled crunching of data, Tankyo was able to uncover 2 encryption patterns – a pattern which gives an indication of the toolset used to code the chip and therefore provide a clue as to who may have been the author. One occurred in files where it would be easy to see – a second much better hidden, indicating that the first may have been a red herring.

Tankyo was able to run these patterns against Data Stores on the Matrix and produce a shortlist of deckers that handled similar files

Careen’s familiarity with Chicago’s illegal drug market let him identify a few production studios that recorded and produced the darker types of simsense and BTLs. Crossing Tankyo’s suspect decker list against these studios suggested that the highest probability studio was SimSnuff, a new crew in town.

Following a wicked loadout montage, our crew travelled to the edge of the old loop (pre-gentrified) to an old movie theater which served as SimSnuff’s production studios. Careen sent drones to scout the area while Se7en accessed the roof by climbing the neighboring building and jumping the alley. Tankyo provided Overwatch support by unlocking doors and providing the team with floor plans. Se7en entered top floor of the building through the rooftop entrance.

Finally one of Careen’s drones was spotted peering into what appeared to be the corner office. The orc-ish suit-type notified security which kicked into high alert around the building. While Careens drones laid down covering fire outside to provide a diversion, Se7en tricked some guards into a stairwell – which Tankyo promptly locked. Se7en confronted the orc
just outside his office and pressed him for information on Lady Monarch. He was legitimately confused. A greasy elven decker type ran into the room from the opposite office and upon seeing Se7en ran back out again.

Se7en gave chase. Once alone with the Elf, Skunkworks, he began pleading for rescue after initially mistaking this for an anticipated kidnapping/transfer-to-a-new-job. With guards bearing down on their position, Se7en blasted out the window just as Careen’s roto-drone arrived outside. Se7en made an almost-awesome grapple-gun escape but tweaker her ankle on landing and then ran off to her motorcycle.

Meanwhile Tankyo sleazed his way around the building host and discovered a cache of paydata.

Skunkworks grabbed onto the roto-drone which was to carry him away. But alas, under heavy fire from guards outside and enemy drones, Careen’s roto-drone was shot out of the sky and Skunkworks dropped to the alley below breaking both of his legs. Guards began gathering him up.

With one drone down, Careen fired up his SUV, activated his Lynx who rode with its head out the window spraying hot death on the guards and enemy drones. Se7en retuned with her Mirage, sped passed the SUV and threw a smoke grenade onto Skunkwork’s location. She flew into the cloud, and using her thermo-goggles reached down to grab Skunkworks and flung him over the back of her bike – earning his undying love. She was greeted on the other side of the cloud by a hail of bullets from a clot of Mooks at the other end of the alley. Though not fatal – that shit hurt. She was able to continue on passed them.

Careen blew through the alley as well, plowing over the mook clot. The group returned safely home.

Once back at Tankyo’s apartment, they interrogated Skunkworks who also had no clue about Lady Monarch but identified the red herring encryption pattern as his. As it had become clear someone is trying to set him up, Skunkworks has agreed to track down the second pattern.

The paydata turned out to be the entire library of SimSnuff’s recording masters – the source material used for the most degrading and violent SimSense and BTL chips.

Daily Retainer: $1,500 (2,000 minus the $500 ‘Brock-tax’)

Then either:
A – you destroy the SimSnuff library = 8 Karma each

B – you sell the SimSnuff library = 5 Karma each + $4,000ea

Lady Monarch

Following the resurrection party thrown on behalf of their temporarily fallen comrade Brock, our crew was contracted to rescue Hiroku Takagama (Lady Monarch) the daughter of high ranking Shiawase executive, Ichiro Takagama and execute her kidnappers.

*She was last seen entering a club called “The Factory.” Following a significant technical failure the club was evacuated but Hiroku was not seen.

*Shiawase security has had trouble keeping track of her whereabouts and peers but have been able to verify that she frequently visits a luxury condo to meet with a “Cory Hockmeyer” – known to be the son of a Orvell Hockmeyer, Saeder Krupp’s Director of Automotive Engineering for the Chicago Region.

*The Crew was given the ransom note recorded on a Simsense chip to investigate for clues.

Before accepting the assignment Brock Hammer successfully negotiated the crew’s daily retainer from $2,000 per day to $1,500 a day and will be buying drinks for the crew until further notice.

The Crew went to the apartment of Tankyo where he proceeded to successfully crack the ransom chip but accidentally detonated a data bomb. Though much of the data was lost, one of his decks at home is running diagnostics on the log files to see what data can be salvaged.

Se7en ran a quick search for Cory Hockmeyer which turned up little but at least they have a picture of the guy. Careen (sp?) sent an advertising drone to circle and survail the condo building

Lastly, after succesfully removing a stripper from Careen’s car, the crew went to investigate the Factory where Hiroku, or Lady Monarch was last seen. Posing as technical support, Brock was able to find out the the club’s host server had gone down from the coked-out owner. Tankyo investigated and verified that the server had been completely bricked.

Meanwhile Brock intimidated the head of security for the club to provide information on what had happened that evening. He was informed that Lady Monarch was actually hosting a very exclusive and very expensive party at the Factory which evidently had no use for the club’s standard supply of recreational chemistry. Evidently her parties are some of the hottest on the Chicago Club scene. She had spent most of the evening in the VIP lounge

The Crew went upstairs to investigate the VIP lounge where Hiroku was last seen. The fire escape door had not been opened in some time but a stairway leading to the roof was nearby.

As they were making their way to the roof, the were greeted by a landing VTOL. A tall elven woman with bright red hair emerged with her 2 Hellhounds and 4 henchmen. Kenta recognized that they were all bearing the insignia of one of the more notorious Seader-Krupp security units – The Hellfire squad.

They delivered a simple message – “leave this job alone.” The woman flew away and a battle ensued. The Hellhounds were neutralized immediately and the henchmen slightly more gradually and with more acid.

The bodies were looted and the crew earned their daily retainer.

+5 Karma +1,500 nuyen

Various loot: Distributed throughout the party. If anyone has anything they would like to fence – look up the purchase price. We will pool this amount and someone (Careen?) with a Fence contact will roll to determine what percentage they capture on the open market.

Campaign Log
Community Service

Having been arrested for offenses ranging from illegal street racing to walking-while-black our runners found themselves in the custody of Law N Order Inc [a subsidiary of Blackwater Security under contract with the Chicago Police Department]. Given their unique skill sets, LNOi gave them the opportunity to repay their debt to society by assigning them ‘community service.’

…and by ‘opportunity’ we of course mean the ever annoying and embarrassing ‘booting’ of a runner’s comlinks and other essential devices until a certain task is performed or conditions met.

A mid-level gang, the Redstone Nation had managed to disrupt Matrix grid access by taking over a Matrix Service Provider station in section 20 of sector D. Our team was tasked with uploading a specific piece of specialized software to a device identified by LNOi intelligence as the source of the Denial of Service attack.

{outcome to be published soon}


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