Chicago Inc. - Gears, Code and Blood

Campaign Log

Community Service

Having been arrested for offenses ranging from illegal street racing to walking-while-black our runners found themselves in the custody of Law N Order Inc [a subsidiary of Blackwater Security under contract with the Chicago Police Department]. Given their unique skill sets, LNOi gave them the opportunity to repay their debt to society by assigning them ‘community service.’

…and by ‘opportunity’ we of course mean the ever annoying and embarrassing ‘booting’ of a runner’s comlinks and other essential devices until a certain task is performed or conditions met.

A mid-level gang, the Redstone Nation had managed to disrupt Matrix grid access by taking over a Matrix Service Provider station in section 20 of sector D. Our team was tasked with uploading a specific piece of specialized software to a device identified by LNOi intelligence as the source of the Denial of Service attack.

{outcome to be published soon}



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