Chicago Inc. - Gears, Code and Blood

Lady Monarch

Following the resurrection party thrown on behalf of their temporarily fallen comrade Brock, our crew was contracted to rescue Hiroku Takagama (Lady Monarch) the daughter of high ranking Shiawase executive, Ichiro Takagama and execute her kidnappers.

*She was last seen entering a club called “The Factory.” Following a significant technical failure the club was evacuated but Hiroku was not seen.

*Shiawase security has had trouble keeping track of her whereabouts and peers but have been able to verify that she frequently visits a luxury condo to meet with a “Cory Hockmeyer” – known to be the son of a Orvell Hockmeyer, Saeder Krupp’s Director of Automotive Engineering for the Chicago Region.

*The Crew was given the ransom note recorded on a Simsense chip to investigate for clues.

Before accepting the assignment Brock Hammer successfully negotiated the crew’s daily retainer from $2,000 per day to $1,500 a day and will be buying drinks for the crew until further notice.

The Crew went to the apartment of Tankyo where he proceeded to successfully crack the ransom chip but accidentally detonated a data bomb. Though much of the data was lost, one of his decks at home is running diagnostics on the log files to see what data can be salvaged.

Se7en ran a quick search for Cory Hockmeyer which turned up little but at least they have a picture of the guy. Careen (sp?) sent an advertising drone to circle and survail the condo building

Lastly, after succesfully removing a stripper from Careen’s car, the crew went to investigate the Factory where Hiroku, or Lady Monarch was last seen. Posing as technical support, Brock was able to find out the the club’s host server had gone down from the coked-out owner. Tankyo investigated and verified that the server had been completely bricked.

Meanwhile Brock intimidated the head of security for the club to provide information on what had happened that evening. He was informed that Lady Monarch was actually hosting a very exclusive and very expensive party at the Factory which evidently had no use for the club’s standard supply of recreational chemistry. Evidently her parties are some of the hottest on the Chicago Club scene. She had spent most of the evening in the VIP lounge

The Crew went upstairs to investigate the VIP lounge where Hiroku was last seen. The fire escape door had not been opened in some time but a stairway leading to the roof was nearby.

As they were making their way to the roof, the were greeted by a landing VTOL. A tall elven woman with bright red hair emerged with her 2 Hellhounds and 4 henchmen. Kenta recognized that they were all bearing the insignia of one of the more notorious Seader-Krupp security units – The Hellfire squad.

They delivered a simple message – “leave this job alone.” The woman flew away and a battle ensued. The Hellhounds were neutralized immediately and the henchmen slightly more gradually and with more acid.

The bodies were looted and the crew earned their daily retainer.

+5 Karma +1,500 nuyen

Various loot: Distributed throughout the party. If anyone has anything they would like to fence – look up the purchase price. We will pool this amount and someone (Careen?) with a Fence contact will roll to determine what percentage they capture on the open market.



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